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Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)

Alliance RMG also known as “High Shear Mixer and Granulator” the application is to effectively produce and uniform, dense granulate.


  1. Dry powders are first loaded into the RMG by vacuum or gravity (total containment).
  2. RMG’s are extremely quick and efficient mixers of dry powders. Dry mixing is the first step of the process.
  3. After the products are mixed by means of the bottom drive rotating impeller, a binder is introduced into the product.
  4. The binder can be added in dry form or sprayed in as part of a binding solution.
  5. Spraying occurs though one or more spray nozzles and is quickly dispersed into the product by the mixing action of the main mixing tool (impeller) and the chopper blade.
  6. The chopper blade, which is positioned in the highest circumferential area of the product aids in de-lumping.
  7. The end point of the granulation is detected by ammeter. Granules are then easily and automatically discharged from a port in the bowl's side. The wet granules are generally milled as they come out of the granulator.


The rapid mixer granulator consists of following main components:

  1. Mixing Bowl:

The mixing bowl is circular in shape with flat base and top portion conical in shape which is made out of SS316 with highly polished internal and external surfaces. It consists of following parts:
1.1 Main agitator
1.2 Chopper
1.3 Discharge

  1. Lid :

Lid is made out of SS316 with non contact parts in SS304, matching the bowl flange with hermetically sealing gasket provided with safety interlock. Lid can be opened by Counter-weight   arrangement or with the help of pneumatic lifter(optional). Lid is provided with view port. It has small diameter port for:

  1. Addition inlet by gravity and
  2. Attachment of spray nozzle
  3.  Air vent with filter is provided.



  1. Control panel

Control panel consists of:

  1. HMI
  2. Main Switch
  3. Rotary  switch
  4. Emergency push button
  5. Hooter with flash
  6. Pressure gauge
  7. Tower lamp
  8. NO/NC contactors


  1. Power  panel

Power panel consists of:

  1. MCB
  2. PLC
  3. RYB Indicators
  4. Ammeter
  5. Emergency stop switch


  1. Pneumatic Panel:
  1. Pressure switches
  2. Pressure gauges
  3. Solenoid valve and solenoid coil
  4. Lubroset with oiler
  5. Air filter unit
  6. Fine filter comb.
  7. Connector



    • Capacity – 50 Litres to 600 Litres
    • Operational safety.
    • All internal & external surfaces will be polished for smooth and ease in cleaning.
    • All fabrication will be as per relevant standards and will adopt good engineering practices.
    • Equipment will comply with the latest cGMP standard & norms.
    • All welded joints will be neatly ground to give a smooth finish.



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